Cameron Diaz Big Bulky Teeth

Compared to most of the teeth we've showcased on this website, Cameron Diaz's teeth are actually pretty nice, however they are clearly much larger than the average set of teeth.

But really, what did you expect from a girl with such a big mouth... We kid because we care! Lovely actress!

Anna Paquin Gapped Teeth

Star from television series True Blood, Anna Paquin, doesn't necessarily have bad teeth, perhaps more interesting than bad, largely due to the rather large gap between her front teeth.

However, i really couldn't imagine her any other way, it fits her like a glove! Too cute!

Daniel Radcliffe Stained Teeth

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't have horrible teeth by any stretch of the imagination, however it wouldn't hurt for the young actor to take better care of his teeth, as they seem quite stained and yellowish on the bottom. Maybe crest white strips has an endorsement deal waiting for you?